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A group of dedicated professionals with a passion for building trust in leadership. 

Who We Are

Cory Scheer

Founder and CEO

With over a quarter-century of experience in leadership roles across various industries, Cory Scheer has distinguished himself academically by earning an Executive MBA from Rockhurst University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri. His expertise spans small businesses, large corporations, non-profits, educational bodies, local governments, religious organizations, and the military, where he has been instrumental in offering essential support and strategic guidance. Cory's work is pivotal in enhancing the reliability of people, practices, and policies, thereby elevating key performance metrics.

Cory Scheer's influence extends beyond academia into various leadership domains, as evidenced by his co-authorship of "The National Survey on Brand and Trust" alongside BrandCertain. He is the architect of the in-depth online course "The Complete Guide to Building Organizational Trust," and the author of the seminal work "Closing the Trust Gap: Taking Action on What Matters Most for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations," each a testament to his commitment to fostering trust within organizations.

With over 20 years in the Healthcare industry with a Fortune 100 company, Jay has seen the value of relationships in the marketplace that are built around trust. And, he has seen the negative effects that can occur when trust is lost within the organization. Jay has traveled all over the world assisting organizations of all size in the area of software implementations, employee training, and service delivery. As he has built close relationships with executives and department leaders at hospitals and clinics, he has seen the success of teams that have a high trust environment and has guided organizations through challenging times of distrust.

Jay is deeply committed to helping leaders, teams, and organizations strengthen organizational trust.

Jay Minnick

Trust Strategist

Frank is a business executive, professor, and strategist contributing within the leadership, OCM, marketing/branding, personal & professional development, and the cultural excellence space. He earned an Executive MBA (Benedictine College) and Doctorate in Strategic Leadership (Regent University). Frank has helped clients from Major League Baseball to General Motors; The Salvation Army to The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. His passion is to help individuals, teams, and organizations reach their full potential in achieving personal and professional excellence.

Frank is a speaker and leads workshops within the Purpose, Trust and Change disciplines. He recently authored, The Discipline of Consistency which highlights the 10 pillars of a consistent-centric leader; Trust, Character, Accountability, Integrity, Humility, Wisdom, Listening Persistence Determination, and Authenticity and was nominated as Kansas City's Top Entrepreneur of the Year,

Frank Armato

Trust Strategist

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