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National Survey on Brand and Trust

The National Survey on Brand and Trust

TrustCentric and BrandCertain have partnered to create 

Data-Informed Approaches to Unlock the Power of Brand Trust

In the realm of modern business, the intersection of brand perception and trust is crucial. TrustCentric's partnership with BrandCertain to create The National Survey on Brand and Trust uncovers groundbreaking insights into this vital relationship, offering a unique chance for your organization to gain a profound understanding that can drive significant transformation.

The National Survey on Brand and Trust provides empirical evidence to help organizations move from being speculative in their assumptions to being strategic in their efforts to build trust with their brands, their teams, and their customers.

The sample size for the national survey (99% confidence level) had 1600+ participants, representing a wide range of considerations: racial, ethnic, gender, education, geography, age, vocational, household income, political inclination, company size and industry.

Uncovered Highlights in The National Survey on Brand and Trust:

What are the most important qualities desired in a brand today? 

How loyal are people to brands they prefer and why? 

What are the specific factors (and their rankings) that make people more loyal to a brand?

What are the specific ways (and their rankings) an organization can increase trust?

What specifically are the top reasons (and their rankings) that would compel someone to try a new brand?  What are the specific behaviors (and their rankings) that people exhibit towards the brands they trust the most?

What are the specific breeches of trust (and their rankings) that would cause someone to react negatively towards that brand (and what are the rankings of those responses)? 

What is the level of trust for leaders in organizations? How do those ratings change based on responses from employees with different levels of leadership influence? 

How does employee effort increase or decrease based on the level of trust they have for the leaders of an organization?

Overall, how much do employees trust the leaders in their organization?

How is employee loyalty to an organization affected by levels of trust?

How does trust affect an employee’s willingness to refer someone to working for that organization?

How do companies prioritize the following: brand, culture, revenue/profits, trust, and social responsibility? 

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Access the Survey Data

Maximizing Growth Potential with Strategic Trust Insights

Revitalize your internal culture and boost external engagement using trust-based strategies. Trust insights are key to making informed strategic decisions that strengthen connections and enhance brand loyalty within your organization.

Transforming Organizational Dynamics

Discover the critical role trust plays in influencing both customer and employee behavior. By understanding and applying these insights, you can deepen relationships, increase satisfaction, and drive loyalty across all levels of your organization.

Boosting Engagement Across the Board

Gain a deep understanding of public perceptions of trust and its impact on your brand. Utilizing these insights allows you to refine your branding and marketing strategies, ensuring they resonate with your audience's values and expectations.

Refining Your Brand's Strategic Direction

Stay ahead of the curve by understanding unique trust factors within your industry. Strategic brand positioning, informed by trust insights, can give your organization a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

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