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TrustCentric Stories

"Our time spent with TrustCentric Consulting both with our entire administrative team and in individual department teams was time well spent. Cory facilitated great conversation, provided invaluable insight, and helped identify actionable tips to strengthen trust within our entire organization. As educators, we respect and appreciate research-based processes that are individualized based on the organization's successes and challenges. With public education in the limelight, it is more important than ever for our district to maintain transparency and trust with our students, staff members, families and the greater community."

Brent Yeager, Superintendent, Olathe Public Schools

“Cory Scheer offers an engaging, insightful and well-informed keynote presentation that is sure to captivate and benefit any audience. His expertise on organizational truth, leadership and culture are founded on deep primary research that sets him apart from other speakers. I highly recommend Cory Scheer!”

Mark Derks, President of Transportation Marketing & Sales Association – TMSA

"It's a rarity to find a keynote speaker that is so engaging that everyone in the room is actively listening and taking notes. This is even more true when the topic is on something that can be viewed in the 'soft skill' realm, but that's exactly what you get from Cory Scheer as he talks about Organizational Trust. Better yet, Cory is an active listener himself, ready to dive into your audience's specific use cases and willing to work with you well ahead of when he arrives to the stage. I'd highly recommend Cory Scheer as a keynote speaker."

Jennifer Karpus-Romain, Executive Director, TMSA

"The combination of the assessment, online training and workshop from TrustCentric has been a force multiplier for the leaders of our battalion."

LTC Sandy Stover, Recruiting & Retention Battalion Commander, Missouri Army National Guard

"Working with Cory Scheer and TrustCentric Consulting has been the perfect blend of encouragement and motivation paired with effective and actionable strategies. We have seen an immediate return on investment in not just strategic “know how,” but in the energy and attitudes across the organization. It is easy to get stuck in the weeds of the day-to-day. The weekly coaching sessions are extremely helpful for getting unstuck and refocused on the bigger picture and the future of our organization. We are extremely happy with our decision to engage with TrustCentric Consulting and would recommend them to any organization or business."

Dustin Prockish, Executive Director, Hillcrest Hope

"The TrustCentric Cohort has been a helpful experience both for current culture change and to move that forward into a vibrant future for St. Andrew’s College. In particular, in real time, the learning has allowed the community to refine existing initiatives to be more accessible and grounded in the clear data that translates well into fostering the place to which we aspire to be for learners, staff, and faculty."

Richard Manley-Tannis, Principal at St. Andrew’s College

"I was starting a new golf business and was struggling with getting new clients in the door. My financial picture was bleak and I was needing something to change otherwise I wasn’t sure if I could keep my doors open. But then I started working with Cory. He was able to provide some needed encouragement that I had a good service and to keep going, helped me create a roadmap to make sense of what aspect of my business needed the most attention, and provided me with resources each step of the way that I could apply instantly after our meetings. Now, my business is in its third year and continues to grow! I’ve hired my first employee and I continue to see Cory regularly to assess the health of my business and the never-ending challenges that come in business. Thankful for his mentorship and expertise."

Dr. Wade Roberts, Roberts PT

"The team facilitation and individual coaching Cory provided fostered reflective, impactful conversations. The framework offered for analyzing where and how trust can be built or broken is simple, clear, and can be applied purposefully. Our team has been able to continue leadership reflection and growth using the Trustcentric framework. Cory engages with provocative questions and models facilitation in a way that fosters independent growth in the team rather than dependence on his consulting. We are thankful for our experience with Cory and would seek his support for specific needs in the future."

Lisa Yates, Superintendent, Buena Vista School District

"In just one month I have seen fruit within my personal confidence in my role at Noah's Ark, as well as in relationships with guests and industry partners. His guidance is empowering me to effectively tell the story of Noah's Ark."

Smokey Frazier, Marketing Director at Noah’s Ark Whitewater Rafting Co.

“Cory led our municipality through the intimidating task of strategic planning and it went better than we could have imagined! Cory listened and learned about our City, skillfully guided us as we crafted our vision for the future and helped us to narrow down our strategies in a measurable and achievable manner. Cory’s responsiveness and investment was top notch!”

Theresa Osenbaugh, Deputy City Administrator of City of Grain Valley, MO

"Cory has been a trusted advisor of mine for nearly a decade. When I needed to dial in on a business idea that had been in my brain for months, I knew Cory was the perfect person to help me. Because of his leadership and coaching, I’m now taking steps to see this venture become a reality."

Chris Stathos, Entrepreneur, Community Leader

"The Structure of Trust workshop will have your team imagining new ways to be trust builders both within the organization as well as with those who engage your organization from the outside. When Cory came to our group of top leaders, his teaching was inspirational and his guidance applicable to our specific context. More than just helping our leaders understand the crucial role of trust in a healthy organization, Cory helped us become catalysts for trust where we were in our journey. Truly grateful."

Gabe Coyle, Pastor at Christ Community Church & Made to Flourish City Leader

“Cory provided both excellent content and specific ways and strategies for implementation in his presentation and conversations with my team of students and educational professionals. Our time spent with him helped to deepen our grander purpose, increased trust among our team members, and gave each attendee clear next steps to pursue in their roles as leaders and people of impact and influence. His personal engagement with and investment in our students and staff definitely allowed us to walk away with greater trust between each other and in our shared mission.”

Chip Huber, Educator and Author

"I seriously have so much work to get done today but I couldn’t stop watching and more importantly learning. The content was excellent. The delivery is so well planned out and clearly communicated. The video production was excellent. You hit it out of the park! "

Brian, CEO in Nashvillle, TN

"Cory from TrustCentric was extremely helpful in sharing how empirical data can inform how we build trust with our people and policies. Cory is a high-class facilitator as he engaged our team through discussion questions, compelling data and practical next steps. It was more than worth the time we took as a team to continue to build trust among our team and community."

Kory Lantz, Executive Director, Transformation Ministries

"Dr. Scheer draws from multiple leadership frameworks to move ideas and feedback into action, all the while adjusting to the needs of the organization.”

Dr. Jeremy Tucker, Superintendent, Liberty Public Schools

“Whether facilitating community engagement conversations, strategic planning, or vision casting sessions Dr. Scheer is adept at building relationships and connecting ideas across a variety of sectors.

Dr. Scheer draws from multiple leadership frameworks to move ideas and feedback into action, all the while adjusting to the needs of the organization.”

Dr. Jeremy Tucker, Superintendent, Liberty Public Schools

"A decade into the life of my brand development firm, our core offering had been shifting with the market. To capitalize and stay relevant, we turned to TrustCentric Consulting. Its method, counsel and strategies helped us build a stronger foundation of trust, see our best path forward and identify how to get there. It was the catalyst to reposition the business and the result has been explosive growth. It's a testament to Cory and the Trust Centric way."

Kurt Bartolich, Founder and CEO, BrandCertain

"We would not be the company we are today without Cory's care, wisdom, and insights into our business (and more importantly, into the humans within our business)."

Justin Ricklefs, CEO, Guild Collective

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